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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the school cost ?
The total cost of the school is $4900.00, Canadian, (plus GST). Foreign residents may apply for a GST refund ( We have the forms at the shop.) Room and board is also available for $600.00 per month or local motels are available.

Note: We now take Visa, Master Card, American Express as well as debit card.

What will I have upon completing the program?
The student, at the completion of the course, will have a saddle, bridle, breast collar, and either chaps or saddlebags that they have built themselves.
NOTE: All materials for the above are included in the cost.

What do I have to do to complete the program?
The student is required to put in a minimum of 100 hours in the month, however most students put in twice that. They are also required to keep a detailed set of notes, this is a must. Class usually starts at 9:00 am and finishes anywhere from 4 to 9pm, depending on what is being worked on.

What will I do at the shop?
The student works on saddles, harness, halters, belts, and almost any repairs that come into the shop. If it is buildable or fixable, we try to do it. Carving and stamping is taught as well as some basic braiding.

What will I need to buy when I complete the program?
All tools are supplied for use by the student while they are in school but they will have to purchase their own tools after school is completed. A good list of where and how to obtain tools and supplies will be available to them. We also have a list of our suppliers where we purchase for the shop.

How much is the deposit to reserve a spot in the school?
We require a $2500.00 deposit to hold this space, with the balance due at the start of school.

Where can I stay while attending the school?
We have on site accomodations with all meals provided for only $600/ month. If you would like, we can also arrange for you to stay in a motel just ten minutes away. Please contact us for further information.




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